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It was in the year of 2060 when the humans were finally able to find a planet fit for human life. The distance proved to be the only problem. But in the year 2080, they were able to create the mechanical marvel of a ship able to teleport from one planet to the next within only a few hours. When the first humans were finally at arrival, they began mapping out at area fit to build a city. It was then that they also began to classify the animals and plants of the new planet.

The ship’s leader made the discovery of a creature that was not like the rest, and at first, they all feared it. It walked like a human, and acted like one, but then could change completely to more animal-like behaviors. But since these aliens could not seem to speak a language, they were classified under animals. One, a child was captured and brought back to earth. The captain gave it to his daughter, a young girl who immediately became attached to the creature.

In the next few weeks, a new law was laid down for the planet, from everything to rights, so the government. All classifications were listed and elections went up. But then, the young girl informed her father of something completely unexpected. She had taught the alien to speak, to speak English. Everyone was amazed by it, at first thinking that it was just able to mimic sounds or copy words like a parrot. But in the next weeks, that proved to be false as it began completing sentences and even starting conversations. By this time, the elections were over and crews had begun to build the grand city on the new planet.

With the new discovery, scientists became worried, seeing as how the natives obviously had a great deal of intelligence to the point they could actually speak real words and learn languages. They did similar experiments with the planets other animals, but with no success. So they changed the classifications, these aliens now known as Zandorians. The common term was often Outsiders as many people referred to them because they would watch the workers from outside the border of the city. The others soon became known as Inbens, because they were not animals and they were not Zandorians, they were ‘in-between’ them.

In 2090, the planet began to finally accept its new residents as buildings became occupied and businesses started up. Everything went smoothly until the natives began to show their unwanted for their new guests. Some of the Zandorians became aggressive, attacking humans. Others simply got in the way of progression. They also began to frighten families as they would just go wondering through the streets or someone’s backyard.

The humans began to create new ways of keeping the Zandorians under control and created the O.P. and Lock Up. It was then that Zandorians began to be caught and sold as pets or laborers. They were highly desired because of their intelligence. However, when this happened, other places like The Scrap and The Games also opened up, taking most of the more wild Outsiders. Because of the quick changes, most Zandorians feared the new city and would stay away from the borders, knowing the consequence if one were to pass.

Now in the year of 2111, the city is fully functional and is now the recommend place to move if searching for a new home. However, the city is safe, but the forest has become dark and very uninviting for most humans…
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While the group is still under major construction, we assure you that a lot of new stuff is being worked on including new applications. However, during our time of remodeling, we'd love to hear from our current members or members interested in joining in the future! Things such as group competitions, journal additions, activities, etc.

While we can not accept every suggestion, we will read and discuss anything suggested below! So if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions, please comment on this journal!
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